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Retirement Planning

At EquiStar we implement Retirement Strategies that don't have to necessarily impact your current lifestyle. 

Sound Retirement Advice: 

As part of the comprehensive analysis of your financial situation, EquiStar will investigate the best ways to maximize your savings through a variety of vehicles so that you can feel at peace with your financial future. There is nothing more important in life than you focusing on your happiness, health, and friendships.


Plan Your Retirement Income: 

We take the worry about what type of investments you need to be in your retirement. Whether you are in the accumulation stage that emphasizes return or in the distribution phase which emphasizes income and capital preservation our approaches constantly analyze macro and microeconomic factors to ensure that you have enough income while at the same time protecting your benefits. 


Saving Enough for Your Retirement:

By defining your yearly income that takes into account all taxes, and then lists all your expenses, we can subtract and determine how much is left and more importantly how much you need to be saving on a monthly basis.

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