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Having a good estate plan in place will make sure your assets are managed and disposed of in a manner that you prefer when you die or become incapacitated.

A Good Plan Makes Sense

Estate planning helps to defer the occurrence and the burden that families suffer from with the wealth transfer tax system. A good plan can also protect any inheritances that you pass on to your heirs from any creditors to whom they own money. You do need to have a plan in place because if you die without a will or living trust, the job of managing and disposing of your assets, even the custody of your children, passes into the hands of the courts.

Plan your Legacy

Don't avoid Estate Planning because you think it focuses on death and funerals. Estate planning is actually the opposite. It focuses on life after you die. Through an estate plan, you can designate who gets what and when. Don't let the courts or your heirs fight over your legacy of hard-earned assets.

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