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Investing in your future can be as simple as changing your investment service provider or product.  Not all advisors approach investing in the same way and sometimes the simplest strategy can make a big difference in the amount of wealth you accumulate.


No “Cookie Cutter” Portfolios

EquiStar will guide you through the investment decision process to help you get your finances working harder for you.  We help you identify the types of investments that are in line with your risk profile but offer anything but a “cookie-cutter” diversification approach as an investment strategy.  

 Too much Broad Diversification!

Contrary to the majority in our field, we believe most investors are over diversified.  The more investments you own, the more likely you have duplication and overlap in your portfolio.  An over-diversified portfolio means you indirectly own hundreds if not thousands of securities.  Think of it this way, why would you ever put your hard-earned money into your 100th best ideas?  Sure you may not lose much… but you probably won’t gain much either.  Such wide diversification often leads to diluted and mediocre investing, not Quality Investing.





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