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Stars at Night

The Big Difference

We are “Value” stock pickers (active) but also use some Indexing (passive)-Best of both worlds

Equistar uses similar principles as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Ben Graham to locate and make investment decisions for the accounts we manage.  This is an absolute return methodology that focuses primarily on minimizing risk and ensuring that any risk assumed is adequately compensated for.


We focus on “Growing” your account

At Equistar, we focus on growing your money (not improving our golf game in hopes of gaining new clients) and spend our time locating and selecting undervalued individual stocks.  Unlike much of our competition, our efforts are spent seeking out investment (arbitrage) opportunities, sorting through thousands of potential investments, researching them, and tracking their daily moves.  The majority of our clients come to us with over diversified (homogenized) portfolios and desire a manager that structures their accounts to work harder for them. Our clients desire something that is different from what is offered at their work or with another advisor. Would you rather have an advisor that outsources the management of your money to other managers (funds) or one that spends their time managing your portfolio for growth?


We build “Concentrated” portfolios that utilize our best ideas!

Equistar believes that excellent investment ideas are rare and should represent a significant fraction of the portfolio.  Unlike many advisors, we believe the risk is not 100% minimized through diversification, but rather through knowledge and reasoning of underlying business conditions. This requires we invest only in what we can understand, as opposed to investing in what is popular or easy. By offering an array of concentrated investments coupled with some diversification we are able to provide portfolios that can behave independently of the market.  We invest only where we believe we have a competitive advantage and where there is a reason to expect we should do better than average. 

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